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Congratulations to the Class of 2021 Scholarship Recipients!

We are thrilled to announce the Scholarship Recipients for the Class of 2021! With nearly double the applications of last year, we had many worthy applicants to consider! In this trying year, we were inspired by all of our applicants’ resiliency in coping with the many challenges posed by COVID-19 restrictions and remote learning. Each and every applicant demonstrated flexibility, insight, and tenacity in adapting to adversity and the complications we've all faced. It was truly an honor to read and hear their stories and learn about their passions. With applicants pursuing fields from Health Sciences to Computer Science, Mathematics to Chemical Engineering, we are truly excited about the future of our world. We know it is in good hands. We wish all of the Class of 2021 the best in their endeavors.

The future is bright!

Chloe Craig, Nashua High North

Chloe will be attending Clemson University this fall to study Architecture. She has been passionate about architecture since elementary school. She is excited about a field that combines Math, Science, Engineering, and Art. She wants to open her own architecture firm one day and looks forward to using architecture to bring communities together and create positive change. She says those who know her best would describe her as passionate and driven.

Anna Mathew, Nashua High South

Anna will be attending Northeastern in the fall to study Bio-Engineering. She is involved with the Technology Student Association as a state officer and currently administers Covid-19 vaccines through her pharmacy job. Anna has a strong passion for promoting STEM in the Community through CodeIt Girls and Coding Scouts. She says people describe her as "absorbent" as she is always looking for things to learn and picking up on details.

Audra Robinson, Nashua High South

Audra will be attending Penn State this fall to study Aerospace Engineering. She's always been interested in space and space exploration. Her long term goal is to work for NASA or SpaceX. If she weren't going into STEM, she would want to be a lawyer or be involved in the community helping people. She says the people who know her best would describe her as a leader, hard worker, and caring.

Congratulations to All!

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