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The Brian S. McCarthy Foundation was established on March 13, 2019 and is a non-profit organization. During the first meeting of the incorporators, it was established in the bylaws that that the purpose of the organization would include the following objectives:

  1. Annually provide a disbursement of collegiate level scholarships to a student from Nashua South High School and a student from Nashua North High School pursuing degrees in a STEM field.

  2. Annually recognize a member of the community of Nashua for their commitment to STEM education and outreach.

  3. Should finances allow, the Board of Directors may fund a non curriculum based/club project with a financial need related to STEM (e.g. an after school science club that wants transportation to a regional science fair or a scout troop that needs to purchase science kits). These clubs/groups do not need to be at the high school level, but should be based in Nashua.

  4. Should finances allow, the Board of Directors may contribute to other nonprofits in Nashua which represent causes championed by Brian S. McCarthy.

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