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501(c)(3) Status update.

We received exciting news over the weekend! We officially received notice of approval for our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status today! The effective date is March 13, 2019. This means several great things for you and us!

  1. If you've already made a donation or plan to make a donation it will be tax deductible this year!

  2. It will allow us to apply for grants, funding, and other opportunities available to 501(c)(3) approved organizations!

  3. If your company offers a donation match program, we are now officially a registered charity! Please feel free to contact us for any necessary information needed if you want to seek a donation match from your company.

  4. Fees for things such as online donations, printing, and postage will be reduced to the non profit rate, which means more money from your donations and ticket purchases can go directly to scholarship/program funds and not towards our operating expenses!

Thank you so much to our everyone who helped to make this happen!

Please be sure to make a donation or purchase a ticket to our fall fundraiser on October 5th!

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