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Thank you to all of our donors. We would not be able to accomplish our goals without your ongoing support.

Thank you to everyone who contributed during the 2019 "BIG BANG" Fundraiser and helped us get ready to launch! Without your initial support, this Foundation would not be possible





Kevin and Diane Slattery - Etchstone Properties


Pennichuck Corporation

Douglas and Susan Petersen

Rob Prunier - Harvey Construction

Rob and Kim Shaw

John P. Stabile Family Foundation


Denis & Deb Gleeson - The Nature of Things Academy

Jane Ann Billings - Hunt

Tom and Lynn Lubey

Medicine World Inc.

Bogdan and Mary Ann Melizzi Golja

Nashua Teachers' Union Local 1044

Nashua Firefighters Association IAFF Local 789

Prunier & Prolman, P.A.

Tamposi Company


Barry and Honorow Attorneys at Law

Loretta "Cookie" Beacon  

Scott and Bonnie Cote

Dale and Nancy Donchin

Paul Hayner

Janis & Brian Boyer

Jack and Nancy Kelley

Rich Lannon

Elliot and Bette Lasky

Roy and Sue Lovering

David and Donnalee Lozeau

Midfield Café

Paisner Dental Associates 

Atlant and Jan Schmidt

Julie Spence


Anonymous (2)

Michael Aquino

John and Sharon Baldassarre

John and Monica Berrigan

Steve and Kathy Bolton

Sarah Boudreau

Carel Chapman

Benjamin Clemons

Community Events LLC

Peter Correia

Sarah Demarco

Roberta and Richard Desjardins

Jim and Vicki Donchess

Rick Dowd

Ted and Donna Duffy

Jessica Duquette

Gary and Yvonne Dunetz

Jeremy and Stacy Easton-Marks

Enterprise Bank

Chris and Lorinda Franklin

David Fredette

John Francis

Peggy Gilmore

Dave and Joan Gordon

Zachary Green

Larry and Kathy Hersh

Roger and Mary Beth Holmes

Gerry and Meriellen Hopkins

Keith and Sam Hosking

Ernest Jette 

Andrew Johnson

Eric Johnson

Anne Ketterer

Kin and Edwina Kwan

Brandon Laws

Rich and Judy Loftus

Alan Markfield

Gloria McCarthy

Kim McCarthy

David Morrison

Elizabeth Ann Morrison

Nashua Wallpaper

Mike and Diane O'Brien

Dan and Cathy O'Donnell

Michael and Debora Pignatelli

Rev. Gary and Sylvia Stearn

Mike and Meg Tabacsko

Bob and Mardee Ulmer

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