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STEMagination Community Grants

The Brian S. McCarthy Memorial Foundation provides one-time grants up to $500 for non-curriculum purposes that advance STEM and involve youth in the City of Nashua.  A long time Nashua alderman and community leader, Brian demonstrated an unwavering commitment to both public education and the sciences throughout his storied career. The Foundation aims to continue his legacy by fostering that same passion for generations to come. 

To apply for a STEMagination grant, please download  and complete the Small Grant Application and upload it at the link below:


We've partnered with Xploration ALC! Elementary and Middle Schools in Nashua, NH are eligible for grants for up to $250 towards an Xploration demonstration.

Visit for information about their programs! 

To apply for a for an Xploration STEM scholarship, please download  and complete the Xploration STEM Application and upload it at the link below:

Not what you're looking for? Try our Scholarships and STEM Champion pages. 

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