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Welcome new visitors!

Science is an amazing thing! We couldn’t help but notice the influx of over 250 new visitors to the Foundation website over the last two weeks! We’re so excited for people to learn more about the Foundation and the work we do in Brian’s Memory!

To date, we have:

Funded Eight $2500 scholarships to Nashua North and South students.

Partnered with XPloration ALC to provide grants to Nashua Schools for STEM demonstrations.

Provided grants to elementary schools to support their “STEM Night” programs.

Supported Nashua classrooms through Donors Choose to provide funding for STEM based initiatives.

Established our STEMagination Community Grants program.

Partnered with the Nashua Public Library for our monthly, “Science Goes to the Movies!” Series.

Of course, many of our new guests may be because of the latest news. Last week the Nashua Board of Education voted to name the new middle school currently under construction off Buckmeadow Road in Nashua in Brian’s honor. The Brian S. McCarthy Middle School is on track to open to students in the fall of 2024.

We hope our followers new and old can continue to support us in our mission; To honor the memory, service, and community leadership of Brian McCarthy, reflect his passion for the sciences and technology, and continue his commitment to education, this Foundation promotes, advocates, and funds STEM Education and Lifelong Learning Opportunities to the Nashua, NH community.

The Future is Bright!

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