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$20,000 Awarded to the Class of 2024 Brian S. McCarthy Memorial Foundation Scholarship Recipients!

We are thrilled to announce the Class of 2024 Brian S. McCarthy Memorial Foundation Scholarship Recipients! This year, the Foundation selected six recipients with awards ranging from $2,500 to $5,000, awarding a total of $20,000 in scholarships.

Congratulations to Sarah Weintraub from Nashua North and Allie Dodge from Nashua South, each receiving a $5,000 scholarship and to Jakob Graudons, and Yasmin Soares from Nashua North and Krtin Akkineni, and Peyton Renzi, from Nashua South, who will each be receiving $2,500 scholarships.

We had an incredible group of applicants and were inspired by their energy, intelligence, and community-mindedness! It was truly an honor to read and hear their stories and learn about their passions and inspiration. Every year we are in awe of the passions of our applicants. We are so excited about the future of our world. We know it is in good hands.


Kritin Akkineni, Nashua High South

Krtin will be studying Motorsport Engineering at Purdue University. He is interested in developing hybrid Formula 1 racing and developing most sustainable practices and energy systems while maintaining the thrill of the race and hopes to turn the motorsports industry into a leader in sustainability. Krtin is involved with TSA, Track and Field, and is a CTE ambassador. He enjoys solving problems and putting things together like cars and Legos


Allie Dodge, Nashua High South

Allie will be attending Wentworth University to study construction management. She was the student project manager for the Nashua South job fair, liaising with local businesses, designing materials, and developing initiatives to draw student interest. Allie serves as a CTE ambassador, mentoring incoming freshman and promoting the program. She took the initiative to reach out to women in the construction management field and wants to continue to develop inclusive excellence in construction.


Jakob Graudons, Nashua High North

Jakob will be studying Aerospace Engineering at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He has an interest in cleaning up "space junk" and is currently a drone pilot, recently volunteering with the Nashua Conservation Committee to help document the southwest conservation land area. He was the Academic Bowl Team captain for the JROTC, representing the first NH team to qualify for Nationals.


Peyton Renzi, Nashua High South

Peyton will be attending Simmons University to study Biochemistry. She has always been fascinated by the human body, downloading the pocket anatomy app in 3rd grade and using it as a daily tool ever since. Peyton is involved with soccer, SADD, and Women in STEM, visiting middle schools to help get younger girls involved. She is an active volunteer with the Maternal Alloimmunization Foundation and helped organize a blood drive at Boston Children's Hospital for World Blood Donor Day.


Yasmin Soares, Nashua High North

Yasmin will be studying Chemical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She is a self described nerd and loves math and science. At the St. Paul's summer program, Yasmin worked with others on her main project, "Go Baby Go," modifying toy cars for children with disabilities to allow them to play and socialize with their peers. When she has the time, she enjoys sewing, knitting, and crocheting.


Sarah Weintraub, Nashua High North

Sarah will be attending the University of Vermont to study Biology/Environmental Sciences. She is involved with the 350 NH Youth Team, working with local representatives to introduce a climate education bill in New Hampshire and speaking out against a proposed asphalt plant in downtown Nashua. She co-leads the Mental Health Cohort of Student Voice, planning activities and fundraisers to support mental health for students at Nashua North.


We wish the Class of 2024 all of the best in their endeavors!

The Future is Bright! Congratulations!

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